Fire Extinguishers Accessories

Safe Technologies are Supplier of a wide range of products which include ABC, AFFF, DCP, CO2,Water type Fire Extinguisher Spare Parts such as PVC Belt for Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguisher Pressure Gauge, Fire Extinguisher Valves, Safety Pins for Fire Extinguishers, PVC Handles for Fire Extinguisher, Bent Pipes for Fire Extinguishers and many more items listed below:

ABC valve

Co2 valve

Pressure gauge

Wall bracket

Fire Extinguisher wall/floor stand

Brass CAP for Powder type fire extinguishers

Co2 –gas Cartridges

Safety clips & pins

Squeeze Grip Nozzles

Hoses & Nozzles for Fire extinguishers

Trolley for Fire extinguishers

Bend & Horn for Co2 type fire extinguishers

Fire Sand Buckets

Fire Buckets Stands ( 2,4 & 6 Hooks)

Fire Extinguisher Accessories like Fire Extinguisher valves, Controllable gauge, Trolleys, Discharge horns & Hoses, Fire Buckets & Stands, Safety Pins etc.