Fire extinguishers

Do you feel safe from the threat of fire every time you look at the fire extinguisher in your office? But what if, in the event of a fire, it didn't work?

We will supply you with the correct number of extinguishers - no more, no less. So you don’t pay for extra servicing on extra protection that you don’t need, saving you on ongoing maintenance. We will also provide you with regular fire extinguisher maintenance and testing, making sure everyone in your building is protected.

Don't like the hard sell? Neither do we. We will not send a pushy engineer; we will give you an honest assessment of what your premises need and then give you time to make your mind up.
Why does my business need fire extinguishers?

Prompt use of a fire extinguisher can prevent a small fire becoming a big problem, and hence keep both your staff and your premises safer. A small fire may be nothing more than an inconvenience, whereas a major fire could bring your business to its knees. Also, adequate provision of fire extinguishers in the workplace is a requirement of your insurance and a legal requirement under the Regulatory.

What types of fires do extinguishers combat?

All types of fire hazard are rated alphabetically. Your fire extinguisher will display its rating and suitability for each type of fire risk.