Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire Hydrant Systems - Our range of Fire Hydrants Systems are standard fire detection system that can easily sense fire in the initial stage and can control it by automatically dialing the fire brigade station or other related authority and inform. To control the fire an optional automatic Carbon Di-Oxide discharger can also help. Fire Hydrant System is one of the most effective fire alarming systems that consist of the following components:


It is a semi-automatic fire extinguishing system. A network of pipes is laid out counting upon the risk with hydrant valves placed at strategic places. The spacing or the distance between yard hydrants is guided by norms viz.

Tariff Advisory Committee
Indian Bureau of Standards

Types of fire extinguishers

ABC Multipurpose type fire extinguisher
Water Type fire extinguisher
Foam Type fire extinguisher
Dry chemical powder type fire extinguisher
Co2 type fire extinguisher
Automatic Modular type fire extinguisher